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    Rafeek Mohammed

    70 % of dog bites are in children because they tend to play with dogs even if they don’t know the dog. The dogs don’t fear children and easily get agitated and maul them. However Not all dogs are rabid.
    As per the WHO classification of dog bite in human, Class III bites anti rabies serum is mandatory.Human Anti Rabies Serum is expensive and not easily available,it is practical to administer Equine Anti Rabies serum as it is economical and easily available taking precautions for hypersensitivity – test dose.
    There were incidences reported of fatal rabies caseseventhough they have taken adequate doses of ARV but failed to administer ARS.
    One should remember that there is no single dose Anti Rabies Vaccine therapy available anywhere.
    For prevention of Rabies in human, scheduled immunisation of animals particularly dogs and pet animals should be done.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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