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    Nick Allen, Los Angeles 11:05PM BST 23 Apr 2015 reports:

    Surgeons have found and removed an embryonic twin, complete with hair bone and teeth, from deep in the brain of a PhD computer science student.
    Yamini Karanam 26, had been experiencing health problems for some time, including trouble with concentrating and reading, and eventually walking.
    After seeing a series of neurologists and neurosurgeons across the United States she was diagnosed with a tumour on the pineal gland in her brain.
    Miss Karanam, from Hyderabad, India, was studying at a college in Indiana.

    On her blog she described having “problems with reading comprehension, listening comprehension. If a couple of people were talking in a room, I wouldn’t understand what was happening.” She said it had been frustrating as doctors could not establish what was wrong.
    “The neurologist would say the neurosurgeon is not being practical in your case. And the neurosurgeon would say the neurologist is not being optimistic in your case,” she said. “And I’m like, could someone be educated about this?

    “Months and weeks slipped through my fingers. There weren’t any diagnostic procedures left to run. Consultations followed procedures but nobody said anything useful.”

    Her friends raised $32,000 which helped pay for surgery by Dr Hrayr Shahinian at the Skull Base Institute in Los Angeles, who performed radical keyholse surgery using fiber optic technology. That allowed him to discover that she had a “teratoma” – a rare unborn twin – insider her. Dr Shahinian said he had removed up to 8,000 brain tumours and it was only the second teratoma he had seen. Miss Karanam told NBC she believed it was an “evil twin sister who’s been torturing me for the past 26 years”.

    In 2009 Gavin Hyatt, a British plumber, had an embryonic twin spill out of his stomach. Medics said the 4cm growth was a parasitic twin that had died in the womb early in their mother’s pregnancy.

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