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    Why everyone should learn to perform CPR

    It was reported in The Times News Paper recently that a 63 year old grandmother came back to life after her heart had stopped for 45 minutes. Mrs Brothers in Wiltshire in UK collapsed after a shopping trip with her husband. Her daughter who was with her started a CPR immediately. A first aider who came soon after continued with the CPR before using a defribrillator. Soon the paramedics accompanied by a critical care doctor arrived and kept trying. After 45 minutes the heart started beating again. She was taken to Royal United Hospital in Bath by air ambulance. By this time she was having seizures and the family were told that she had suffered significant brain damage. This was confirmed by a scan. The family were told that she was unlikely to recover and the kindest thing to do was to withdraw medical support and allow her to die in peace.

    The family agreed and hence all medical support was withdrawn. Her body which had been cooled during treatment was allowed to regain normal temperature. The family had bid her farewell and were waiting for the hospital call announcing her demise. 3 days later to the surprise of everyone Mrs brothers opened her eyes and said she wanted to go home.

    She now has intermittent seizures which is being treated and is making a steady progress

    It is said that only 8% of patients who have a cardiac arrest outside the hospital survive. The reason why Mrs Brothers survived was because she was given effective CPR immediately after she collapsed and the CPR continued until the heart started to beat again. Even if the heart does not beat on its own, as long as you can maintain a standard CPR the brain will receive blood with enough oxygen to keep it alive.

    There are a number of “utube” presentations on the net on how to perform a CPR. You should advise your family members to watch a couple of videos so that they know what to do in an emergency.

    Click for a Utube demonstration: http://youtu.be/kpQqqZJIptM

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