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    An interesting article appeared in the “Sunday Times” recently. It reported that an American Phone Company is working with doctors to bring out a tiny pill which stores all your passwords (for the computer, smart phone, Ipad etc). It is powered by stomach acids and will broadcast encrypted details to code readers on all the devices that you use. The micro chip inside the pill can even open an office door where a code is required for entry. As the pill passes through the GI system it will be necessary to take a pill every day! It is said that the pill has been approved for medical use by the US Food and Drug Administration. Difficult to believe?

    Regina Dugan who was championing the pill told a conference that Motorola was looking at ingestibles as well as wearables like glasses and tattoos to turn the “human body in to a wired being”. She told the conference that technology such as the “Password Pill” will give people more power over their online lives.

    The pill is based on the one invented by Proteus Digital Health in California 5 years ago that reads chemical changes and broadcasts data to a medical computer. It was supposed to help predict stroke and MI

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