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    Professor Lythgoe from University College London believes that they have developed a far less hazardous way to treat Parkinson’s disease. He said brain cells have stretch receptors and when they are stretched will electrically fire and activate. When iron oxide particles combined with antibodies are injected in to the brain, they will stick to the outside of the brain cell. When suitable magnets are placed outside, the particles will move as it does in MRI. This will stretch and activate the cells.

    At present deep brain stimulation is one of the best ways of treating the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. It involves electrodes to be placed inside the brain with wires coming out. This new method will be non-invasive as the stimulation will be done through electromagnets placed outside the head after the particles have been placed in the correct position (attached to the brain cell.

    They have tried it in rats to switch kidney function on and off by stimulating the nerve innervating the kidney. Mark Lythgoe said the method can be used on humans as we already use the particles in MRI scans that is approved by health regulators.

    Note: I wrote an article on treatment of Parkinsons’s disease in 2013 where Deep Brain Stimulation was
    http://www.tnmgc.com/discus/viewtopic.p … ation#p491

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