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    Hi friends

    My sister in law (brother’s wife) is a diabetic and hypertensive patient. She is also suffering from mild renal failure for some years now. Recently she developed acute renal shut down with raising urea, creatinine, and potassium in the blood. And within a few hours’ time she presented a picture of uremic encephalopathy. Till then she has not had any major cardiac event. When my niece who is a gynaecologist contacted me from Tanur I told her that she might need urgent dialysis and advised her to take to Calicut which is thirty Km away. Without wasting time she was admitted in major hospital where daily hemodialysis was done and she showed remarkable improvement. After a fortnights stay with the consent of the nephrologist she was taken back to our native place. After her return she was getting weekly haemodialysis in a local hospital. During one such procedure she went into cardiac arrest and a timely resuscitation by the physician she was saved. Then her elder daughter who is a non-medical, told me that such an incident took place while dialysis was being done in Calicut hospital also and she was kept in ICU for two days. Retrospectively I think she would have suffered a cardiac event during dialysis, if not a cardiac arrest. Then I have told my nieces not to go for another dialysis now and that her renal parameters though abnormal are stable and maintaining normal cerebral condition. She is on medical treatment now.

    UA Mohammed.

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